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New inventory in the works for
Mahjongg set with Tote-sters and large Zinis
Kipster knitting bags
Britta shoulder bags

Bag Sizing & Capacity Pictures


Thanks to all my wonderful customers for sending me photographs of themselves with their bags.

 I hope this will help you get a sense of the sizes

Madi and her Gamer

Nicole and her Bebe

Jeannie and her Mistee
Tish and her Wisteria

mini purse for iphone 6s

Pat and her wallet on a string and Tallullah

Kim and her wallet on a string

Doc and her wallet on a string

Maria and her Otter

Karen and her Raccoon

Tough Schmidt and her Tallullah

Toni and her large Tallullah

Esther and her Large Tootsie purse 


Kerri and her Zeldina

Abby and her Morphin Zeldina

Madi and her Morphin Zeldina

Michelle and her Morphin Zeldina

Nicholas, Nathan, and Daniel with their Morphin Zeldinas

Michelle and her Morphin Falcon

Dotty and her Hawk
custom made handmade messenger bags

Britta, on the left, with her medium Honeysuckle and her Aunt Uscha with her Tootsie

Nicole and her Medium Honeysuckle

Adriana and her Britta Shopper Tote

Rodneia and her Britta tote

Gunnel and her Tilly shoulder bag, made with Ikea fabric, in Sweden
Tilly zippered shoulder bag in Sweden

Kate, on the left, and her Morphin Zelda Deluxe and Becky and her Morphin Zeldina

Melissa and her Zelda Deluxe

Angie and her Zelda Deluxe

Julia's daughter with a Morphin Zelda

Hsiao-Min Lin and her Zelda Deluxe

Nora and her Mod Peace Signs Zelda Deuxe

Glor and her Morphin Lynx Deluxe
This illustrates the size of all the Lynx models

Tiina and her Morphin Lynx Deluxe

Awesome Austin (shark expert extraordinaire) and his Lynx Deluxe Messenger bag
shark messenger bag

A customer custom ordered this We Want Peace Lynx Deluxe as a birthday gift for her niece.

Ceci and her Morphin Lynx Deluxe

Gwen and her Lynx Deluxe

Leah and her Morphin Panther Deluxe. This illustrates the size of all the Panthers


Carmen's Morphin Zelda, ready to go to the hospital and welcome the new baby!

What I've managed to shove in the bag so far...
6 diapers, change of clothes, bottle for wipe solution, container of wipes... Carmen

zipper bags with wipes in them... not really big enough for this purpose, so I'll be using them for money/debit cards, etc.. or maybe pacifier/etc holders! Carmen

Glor's Morphin Lynx Deluxe

Stuff Test!
This bag holds all of my daily stuff: 13.3" Laptop + Cables + Agenda + 2 thick textbooks, hardcover + waterbottle + white coat + stethoscope + hoodie + pashima + two moleskines + cell phone + iPod Touch + various doctor equipment (stuck in the organizer pockets) + lunch + pencil case + ... oh wait, there's still room and I'm out of stuff to stuff in it!!! The weight is amazingly distributed and this bag keeps its shape even though it's only about 60% filled!!! Amazing! Glor

The contents of Jerilin's Lynx Deluxe


Leah is a Henna artist and carries her supplies with her when she visits her customers' homes. This is a Morphin Panther Deluxe

Leah added a full panel zippered pocket to the back of her Morphin Panther Deluxe

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