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Kudos Page 10

Toni's family and their custom made bags

One of my wonderful, return customers, Toni, and her kids, modeling their custom made Christmas gifts. What great pictures!!



Custom made messenger bag, The Ghastlies Lynx Deluxe and its happy owner

This was a custom bag, ordered for a Christmas gift. A Lynx Deluxe in the fantastic Ghastlies print. Doesn't she look great?

Tiina and her custom made purse, The Tootsie




Many thanks to Tiina for sending this great photograph, of herself and her Tootsie, with matching Slim zip bag. 
Last year she ordered a Morphin bag with a few flaps.  She waited until Christmas Day, before opening the package! What a strong woman! LOL!

Her kind comments this year

"Hi Karen,

I got my purse!!!!!  It's so beautiful!  The fabric is even better in person. The Tootsie is the perfect size.  All my coworkers are jealous ;)  There was NO waiting til Xmas for this one!I Promise to take pictures and send them soon!"

Nov 16 2010

You have GOT THE BEST customer service EVER! Just sayin'
 Hannah Nov/11/10

Abby, her family, and her Morphin Zelda, in London


 St. James Park


London Tower Bridge



  Buckingham Palace



 Broncos VS Niners Wembley Stadium

Nicholas, Nathan and Daniel with their Morphin Zeldinas!


Medusa Mayhem and Indiana Pwns of Essex, England with their Derby Girl Zip Bags!

Check out their team:



What a great photograph!~


 I love my little purse(Mistee) and it fits in my schoolbag and diaper bag perfectly. I feel safer with it just around my wrist close by me when I go shopping rather than a strap around my shoulder. I had a friend that was pregnant nonetheless and a thief took her purse as she was crossing the street going into the grocery store. So, this is just perfect! The quality is great as well. Thank you for making custom purses at a great price! Laura 9/23/10

Nora and her Mod Peace Sign Zelda Deluxe


Cédric,  Émeric, Déric and Patric with their custom made drawstring bags!

Custom Peace Sign Lynx Deluxe Messenger Bag

I made this bag as a custom order. The owner was kind enough to let me know her thoughts about the bag

"Hello Karen,
I got my bag!  It is WONDERFUL!!!!  It is perfect for just about anything I need to use it for!
I really appreciated the help that you gave me for personalizing my bag (since it was my first time too!).
I will definitely recommend you to many others!

I will be visiting again! Thanks!:-)



A customer custom ordered this We Want Peace Lynx Deluxe as a birthday gift for her niece. She sent along this wonderful photograph of the recipient!

Flappers Morphin Lynx Deluxe, Mistee iPhone purse and kind words!

♥!!! I don't know how I've gone this long without these bags. Sizes are perfect! I've NEVER been one to carry a big bag, but now that I have this Lynx, I am reformed. I have three young sons, so this bag is filled with all kinds of cool stuff for all of us daily, no matter where we go... books, magazines, snacks, my embroidery supplies, laptop... (I work online), water, matchbox cars, hand wipes, my MISTEE, everything! Really, I don't know how I've been walking around with tiny bags all this time. Bonus: I love this print so much. The colors are so pretty in person. I'm already looking forward to shopping for fall versions of these items. Thank you!

My bag was waiting for me when I came home last night. It is fabulous. Amazing  workmanship. I am a costumer/seamstress myself and tried making a very basic military type bag once. What a failure!! Sticking with the costumes. Going to move into my new bag tonight.  Think I might frame the remaining crow fabric and eventually use it as a center on a quilt.
I am sure I will be ordering more things from you in the future.
Thank you so much. It was a great pleasure doing business with you as well.

Kristin 7/30/10

Hi Karen,
            Just opened my mail, the Sweet Pea came out gorgeous, I really love the fabric.  You have to stop making such beautiful bags, I've become addicted.  Thank you again, your work is impeccable and unique with such outstanding craftsmanship.  Thanks again for the speedy delivery!
                                                     Linda 5/12/10

Stephanie ordered this set of sugar skulls, an ABC Camera Case, Sweet Pea Mini Wallet, and Scooter zip bag. She added a Strappy wristlet strap, and a shoulder strap for the camera case too.

Her comments?
"My package came today and I cannot thank you enough! I am head over heels in love with everything!! I'm a picky person and these are FLAWLESS!

You rock!
Steph" 4/24/10

Britta the Flap Queen and Decisions Decisions, Decisions

Regular readers of my blog will recognize Britta right away. She found me on eBay years ago, and began buying, and then custom ordering, bags with owls. An avid collector, she has 1000's of owl related items (I've seen pics of them, it's amazing!)
We became fast friends and often chat, via email, about our lives. A few years ago she asked me about making a bag with a removable flap. I was surprised, because I had been thinking about such a design for a while. I told her I didn't think it was possible, I couldn't come up with a good way to make such a bag. She didn't stop though, she asked again later. Then it came to me, the exact way to make such a product and so I moved ahead and created the Morphin Zeldina.
However Britta wanted a Tootsie with a flap. OK, I designed one, just for her. I have never offered it for sale. Since it was right at the beginning of the design "naming" process we each came up with Chameleon. We both thought it was the perfect name, until I found it was in use by someone else. I moved on to Morphin, but Britta claimed the Chameleon name for her own bag.
After the body was made, she ordered flaps from most of the owl fabrics I had on hand. Then she moved on to other bag designs, some not even owl related!
But this year she returned to her Chameleon again and decided to start collecting flaps. Every time she came by the shop she saw another print she loved. The result is, she has, at last count 23 flaps!
I have named her, rightfully so, The Flap Queen :-)
I just made her another Chameleon, in navy, plus some new flaps to match.
She sent me these fantastic pictures. The first shows the dilemma faced by having so many flaps from which to choose. Then, in the second shot, she learned that if you are wearing a sweater the flaps serve as a bib as well!


.....The good news is that I'm now ready to marry my Falcon!  It worked out great!  I think it's too much bag for me as an every-day bag and I'll continue to rely on my Breezy for that (although I've now got my eye on that Ferret! ).  But for trips, the Falcon was perfect ... all the stuff I usually carry in my fanny pack, plus room for more, including maps, camera, and phone (I usually have to attach my camera and phone to the fanny pack strap and either leave the maps in the truck/on the bike or stick them in a pocket of my shorts/jeans, which isn't all that comfortable).  I could have fit a water bottle in there, too, but didn't.  I now must have more flaps!   Will decide which ones later today or tomorrow and give you a shout ... I know that the pink flamingos on the blue background is a must.
Regina 4/13/10


These bags are great! I've had my first bag for nearly a year now and have used it every day, and it's held up so well and gotten more compliments than anything else I've ever owned. Even my 2-year-old son knows I don't leave the house without my bag and will drag it over to me if he wants to go somewhere, and still it's held up with nary a scratch. Laura April 2010

Joyce and Ada



There's a great story to go with this photograph. Joyce bought a Morphin Zeldina from me a while ago. She contacted me earlier this year, amazingly enough, about a week later than another regular customer asking the same thing. Could she get a slightly larger Morphin Zeldina on which she could use her standard Zeldina flaps?
I had planned on adding the new style to the shop, and blogging about it using this great pic. However I just haven't had time to add it to the shop.
Here's what happened, I did the new design, it is taller and has a few extra features. It will still be able to use the regular Zeldina flaps. Joyce loved hers and when her granddaughter, Ada, saw the new bag she instantly claimed the old bag!
Joyce sent along this photograph to share with you. Isn't it great? Plus anyone who has dogs knows they have to get in on the action!

What she said after the bag arrived
"Hi Karen,
The bag arrived today and it is absolutely perfect! I LOVE It! The size, the pockets, everything is even better than I could have imagined. All my new gear fits perfectly. My granddaughter has already claimed my old bag so I will have to put her in some flaps. You  really are the best and I can't thank you enough for all the work you put into this bag. I really do appreciate it. Thanks so much, Joyce" 3/15/10






I just wanted to thank you for my bag. I ordered the Falcon Mini Morphin bag in the Asian Butterfly Garden fabric. I love it! Its perfect! Durable and lightweight. With plenty of pockets for my make up and iPod and anything else I need to carry with me. I will definitely be buying more from you in the future!

Thanks again!

Katie H 4/21/10

Here's a happy me with my new Mistee in that amazing new fabric! Thank you so much!! I love it! :D Jeannie 4/12/10


I think the words and pictures say it all without any commentary from me, except, thanks Toni!

"First of all I want to give you a great big thanks! I stumbled across your items quite by accident and I am sure glad I did. I received my order today and I am so happy with them. I am a first time buyer and for my first order I ordered a Morphin Body, two flaps, a wallet on a string, and a scooter zippered bag. I love them all so much, they are so beautiful and the craftsmanship is wonderful. I am so happy with my order and plan to order more very soon. I am glad I found you and look forward to ordering more. Thank you again!

Toni" 3/18/10


I just wanted to send another great big Thank You for my second order. It is all beautiful and wonderfully made. I am a huge fan of your work. I will be ordering more. This time I ordered 2 more flaps for my Zelda, 2 Breazy i-phone purses, another scooter zippered bag, and a Tarquin padded case. I love them all so much! I have gotten so many compliments on them. I also have probably never been this organized ever, but I love that I am now. Thank you again.

Please feel free to use my comments and/or pictures on your web site. Thanks so much!

Toni" 4/2/10



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