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Kudos Page 3

It's wonderful when customers come back to order more bags! This customer, Miyo, found me on eBay a few years ago. She bought a Tallullah I had in stock, and a few zippered bags. Then she asked about a shoulder bag. This was at the exact time I was working on the design for the Layla, for two women who had been looking for the perfect diaper bag. I took the Layla design and created the Tilly. It was just what she was looking for. She selected the classic Sailor Jerry tattoo print in black, for the front and back, and in tan for the pockets. It was a great looking bag.
Time passed, and she came back for another custom order, a month or so ago. She found this fantastic movie monster print. Long time blog readers might recognize it, since it's the third time I have been asked to do a custom bag using this rare print.
She loves her Tallullah but wanted a zipper. No problem, the Tootsie is a Tallullah with a zip.
We worked on the layout of the print, to make sure her favorite monsters got the prime, front panel, spot.
Her comments after receiving the bag?
"Hey I got my bag yesterday and I LOVE IT!!!! I'm getting so many compliments on it!! Even from the guys I work with!! : ) you know I'm gonna be buying all kinds of cool fabrics just so you can make me more Tootsies!!! It's my favorite style, totally perfect!!!! Eeeh!! I'm gonna get all glammed out and take some pics with all of the bags I got from you!! I can't thank you enough!!!!
I'm so happy with it!!!
~miyo "

"My purse was in the mailbox when I got home from work yesterday and within 10 minutes I had everything switched over. Same great quality as the first one and I love it. They are so sturdy but yet so pretty. One thing I did with the first one and then with this one,was cut a sturdy piece of cardboard and put it inside on the bottom. It now stands up tall without falling over after I filled it up. Just a hint for anyone that is using it as a purse and not for a laptop. Take care and good luck in your business.

An unusual, and beautiful, set of bags for this customer. Designed so that the small Honeysuckle Tote could be carried inside the Zelda Deluxe. The Zoe Pocket set was placed inside the Honeysuckle and not in the messenger. A special slip pocket was created in the messenger so the Honeysuckle would have its own place to travel. Then, of course, if needed, it can be pulled out as a stand alone bag.  

Her comments:

"This is my set of bags! I love them: they work just as I hoped they would, and I agree with everyone else on the site, the workmanship is beautiful.

As I get older the things I need on a regular basis have multiplied: reading glasses, inhaler, advil, cell phone, datebook, etc. The wallet on a string isn't quite big enough. Then there are also things I need for teaching. If I pull them in and out of my daily purse, I end up with a mess on the dining table, or I find I've forgotten something that I need to teach with, or (usually) both things happen. This way I can stay organized at home and at work. The best part is that once I get everything all loaded up, the outer bag still looks shapely and not huge.

I especially appreciated Karen's communication throughout the process: her descriptions were very clear, and she kept me up to date on the project as it progressed.

I will use the bags every day until they wear out, and then will ask her to do the same thing again, but in new fabrics, of course.

Thanks again! N March 5/09

This customer found pictures of my Koi on Purple Britta Tote on the internet and tracked me down.
I didn't have much of the purple left, but I still had an untouched piece of the same print in black.
The order became one of the most beautiful sets I have ever done. Breathtaking! You can never go wrong with a Kona Bay print!
We started with a Panther Deluxe, added the Laptop insert, but made in purple, for a flash of color, a matching Tallullah purse and a Sweet Pea Mini Wallet.

The most gratifying part of the order came, however, when I received the following e-mail...

"Hi there!

They have arrived!!! I just opened the box 5 minutes ago!!

I must say, they are absolutely gorgeous. And so roomy! Perfect sizes, perfect cuts, perfect placement, right down to the flower on the inner flap of the panther deluxe and the way you wrapped the fabric a little around the purse so the image continued right to the end of koi's tail. Beautiful! And in great time for my trip!

This has not only been the best online shopping experience I've had, it was the best service I've received anywhere. Including in person. I'd never before met someone who seemed to care more about a client and fulfilling the shared vision between them. Your customer service is impeccable and your products are outstanding in both design and quality. I couldn't have asked for more.

Thank you for creating for me the most unique and stunning bags I have ever owned or, indeed, seen. I cannot wait to tell my friends and family about Zoe's Bag Boutique - about the service, promptness, and attention to detail you have shown. I won't need to tell them about the quality or the craftsmanship, however. In that, the bags speak for themselves.

Thank you so much for making this experience such an enjoyable one. It has been a pleasure, as always, working with you. I hope one day to speak with you again and I'll be keeping my eye out for articles about you. I'm sure this won't be the last!

Thanks, wholeheartedly,

Jenny D"

I worked with the customer on this incredible bag. We both loved the spider web on the end pocket! It was a gift she got to select for herself. After we nailed down the details she decided to forgo seeing it, including pictures, until Christmas Day. Such discipline!!!!

How did she like it?

"KAREN!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited to open it today but waited for awhile in the gift giving process. Then - there it was - already wrapped - how thoughtful of you! - and just stunning. I LOVE the colors of the echino purple, I love how lightweight the bag is with such sturdy fabrics, and your construction is perfectly perfect. I am soooooooo happy with it! I have already transferred everything I want into it, and the outside pockets are great. I have everything I need a fingertip away. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!

Now I will try to be calm for awhile, before I start perusing your wares again. For me? For gifts? Hmmmm - so many possibilities!

Merry Christmas. You made mine very happy :-)
Jan 09

One of my customers, living in Hawaii, ordered a custom bag that I wrote about in a previous post.
She sent me more fabric, one piece to make a diaper bag for a friend, and the other, a square of stunning Echino fabric.
She thought perhaps a flap for a Morphin bag. But I suggested we utilize the shape and go with a slightly altered version of a Honeysuckle Tote. She wanted the body to be red, no problem I have a bright and beautiful red cordura on hand. The resulting bag was eyecatching, as was the Layla Diaper bag, which has an internal divider, padded shoulder strap, outer zippered pocket..the works.
She tells me:

"Hej Karen.

No more Aloha for me. I just moved from Hawaii to Sweden, hence the late reply.
The bags arrived and were more than I expected as usual. My friend -who got the diaper bag- was really pleased with the bag and it works great for her.
I am super happy with my bag. You cannot believe how many people who have come up to me and asked me where I bought it. It looks very unique, and it was the absolute best way to use the fabulous echino fabric. I love the shape of the bag and it looks really small, but it holds my computer a couple of books and even a set of training clothes and it still doesn't look to full. It is like a magic bag.
I will send you some pics with the bags in action later.
I hope you ship internationally otherwise you will have to make an exception for me.




I worked with a customer who lives in Hawaii, to create this bag. She wanted something large, so we went with the Large Zelda Deluxe. She sent me the fabric she wanted to use, an interesting damask by the same designer that created the Echino line of prints. She added a matching Scooter zip bag and a Sweet Pea mini wallet to the order also.

We put a divider inside so she could have two sections. Kept the laptop sleeve as she sometimes takes her laptop with her when she goes to the beach! Added a full panel zippered pocket to the back, and put the Zoe Pocket set in there instead of inside the bag. This allowed me to add a set of poochy pockets inside. The poochy pockets are great for stuffing with diapers, extra clothes etc. They lay flat, but the pleated fronts allow them to "pooch" out when needed.

Since this customer has an active lifestyle she wanted to be able to carry the bag not only on her shoulder, but on her back when riding her bike.

We added an attachable padded shoulder strap. She can leave it at home if not needed, or wrap it around the strap, where it is held in place with a small strip of velcro, providing padding over her shoulder when the bag is on her back.

I was pleased to hear she was happy with the result and she has given me permission to include her comments here.

In her e-mail, titled, Thank you, thank you, thank you, she says:

" Aloha Karen!

I am sorry I haven't had the time to write you an email earlier. It has been a very busy month and I am so glad that I had the bag to make my life a little easier.
I love it. It looks really great, and everything my daughter and I need for the day fits in it. The shoulder strap is perfect, and the bag stays on my back when I am biking. My husband jokes about getting seasick or lost among all the different pockets, but those really come in handy when you pack clothes, toys, food, blankets, and books.

Thank you"
 Oct 16/08

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