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Hi Karen
I can't tell you how much I LOVE my new knitting bag. It's so beautiful and well-made (as a fellow crafter I can't say "it looks too good to be handmade," but you know what I mean). One doesn't want to be too materialistic, but it does lend so much pleasure to daily life to have things that are gorgeous and useful, and I can tell you I will enjoy using this bag every day for years to come. Thank you!


My little sock knitting bag arrived yesterday and it it is even nicer than it looked in the the on-line picture. It is just the right size for my sock projects - which I always have going. I love all the pockets both inside and out.  The heavy lining will make this bag last forever.

Thanks for such a well designed and attractive bag.


This customer bought large Suebee drawstring bags for her family to store their Rummikub tiles and the racks. What a great pic!

Ready for this??? My Fall bag came in the mail today!! Can you believe it? And, my dear, it's beautiful and perfect as usual. This appears to be the standard for your work, and your taste. You totally have my trust ( and that is earned, and not given).
Looking forward to working with you for the Christmas holiday, my package of material went out late yesterday. Thank you so much for your great customer service, and for your attention to detail.................your bags are the new "gold standard" for me.


custom made shoulder bag

Dear Karen,

Thanks a million for the wip bag! The delivery was super fast, perhaps fastest ever from US to Finland. I also very much appreciate the high quality and the design of the bag. The many pockets make it truly practical. I guess the only negative side here is that now I think I need more of these, for all my wips and iPad and needles and ... =)
In the attached photo my wip bag is "in action" on a train from Helsinki to Tampere last Saturday.
Kind regards,

Rhona with her Ghastlie Suebee knitting bag in Scotland!

I'm so pleased to share this great picture of a recent customer. This is Gwen and her new peace sign Lynx Deluxe Messenger Bag!


Earlier this year I shared some pictures, sent to me, from Mervi in Finland. She had purchased one of my peace sign messenger bags and I was so pleased to get photographs of her, with her bag, in Finland.

She told me that she, and her husband, were planning a dream vacation for the summer, and were coming to the US to visit the site of Woodstock.

She promised she would send some photographs from her trip. I am delighted to share these great images with you.


Wavy Gravy's overalls

Here is Ceci showing her new Morphin flaps for her Lynx Deluxe. Great choice for the new school year!

Drawstring Bag for Rummikub tiles

My Suebee drawstring bag is very versatile.  It began its life as a custom design for a customer looking for a round drawstring bag to carry her golf balls. She loved her first one so much she ordered more, and then, even more as gifts for friends and family. Her nickname, Suebee, became the name of the bag.
As time went on I kept making the bags and learned they are being used in a variety of ways. Not only for knitting, but going out for the evening, organizing in the bathroom, and now, as a place to keep Rummikub tiles.

What is Rummikub you ask? I had no clue!  I was told about it by a new customer who had searched for a simple drawstring bag in which to keep the tiles. Here's a page in Wikipedia, that explains the game

This customer bought one of my Suebees and it was such a hit she had me custom make one as a gift for one of her fellow Rummikub players

She was kind enough to send along this photograph of her friend, and the bag, in action!

This is Raili, a happy customer in Finland, with her Lynx Deluxe messenger bag. What wonderful photographs, taken by her son, a professional photographer. Thanks so much for sharing them!

I am delighted to share these wonderful photographs, and kind words, with you

This is Mervi, who lives in Finland.
She bought a hippie peace sign Lynx Deluxe from the shop.
 Here she is, outside on a sunny spring day, in Finland

Here she is in her living room. Look at that wallpaper!
Thanks so much for sharing, Mervi!

"I got my bag today and it's WONDERFUL, millions of thanks :D

I'm sure this bag will bring me a lot of enjoyment, it's really spacious and the batik peace signs are awesome! I'm so happy that I found your shop through the internet, it was so heartwarming to make an order from you knowing that my bag is unique and not a so-called "mass-product" like so many things are today :) " Mervi

I'm so excited!!! the shoulder bag was delivered today & I love it. It's the perfect size for me, I love the zipper pocket on the outside, nice and secure & I love the zipper closure, great pockets inside for staying organized. The strap length is perfect for me to sling it across my body. Delivery was super fast - packaged well & very accommodating shop. One of my best buying experiences. Thank you so much!!! Judy 4/12

Otter shoulder bag

"This bag is AWESOME! I can't say enough good things about it. I use it daily non-stop as my iPad protector. The second pocket is roomy enough to fit my earbuds, a cleaning cloth, stylus and even my reading glasses case! I get SO many compliments on it everywhere we go, I refer them to Karen's store and hope they buy one (or more!) for themselves." MG 4/12

padded sleeve for ipad

Hi Karen,
 I got my bag today and I am so absolutely thrilled!  I love it so much and can't wait to order again.
 Thank you!
Elizabeth 4/12

"Karen - I just got your last packet chock full of all those fabulous purses, and they are absolutely STUPENDOUS!  Each one is a little jewel unto itself, like a Faberge Egg or those Ukrainian Painted Eggs -- they are TRUE WORKS OF ART --- THANKS SO MUCH!" Pat in Berkley 4/12

  Dear Zoe,
I have no excuse, and only the flimsy reason that my forgetter is working better than ever.  I have not thanked you for your special care you gave my sister and I last December.
The iPhone bag is wonderful.  The extra pocket is perfect for license, credit cards, etc.  Louise has had no problem misplacing her phone ever since she got it.  The clip works well to attach to a belt loop when she doesn't want to take her purse, and to her purse when she does.
She is out of town for a while now, but when she gets back I will send you a pic of the bag "en place" as it were.
Thanks for your beautiful work and imaginative design,     Barb

custom made iPhone purse

Hi Karen,
   OK what can I say, I received the bags yesterday, and all I can say is they are gorgeous, stunning, striking, unique, and I love them and I know Nicole will also. I look at all the bags you've created and just think to myself how talented you are!!!!!  Thanks again, they are lovely!!!!!!!
  Will keep in touch :) Linda


This is wonderful! Fans of Ikea furniture will know they also make fabrics, and are a Swedish company.

I had this great Ikea fabric that seemed perfect for a Tilly shoulder bag. Gunnel, who lives in Sweden, bought the bag. So my bag, made with Swedish Ikea fabric, has a new home in Sweden.

The lovely Gunnel was kind enough to send me this fantastic photograph of herself and her new bag.

I am so happy! Thank you Gunnel.

 Hi Karen,
I ordered a messenger bag from you about six months ago and meant to send you a reply about it then.  Unfortunately, I'm a terrible procrastinator.  I got yet another compliment on my bag today :) and decided that I really need to write to you.  I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my bag.  It is exactly what I was looking for and very well made and I just completely love it.  You do great work.  I also really appreciated everything about the process of ordering from your shop -- the communication, cute thank-you note, fast shipping, and most of all, the excellent craftsmanship.  
I will definitely be ordering from you in the future -- thank you again for the great product and wonderful service.

 I am delighted to share with you an awesome photograph of one of my customers, and her kind words about the bag I made for her.

"Dear Karen,

Well, it's been six months so I guess I'm recovered from my vacation! Truly sorry about how long this review took. What prompted me was that an administrative assistant at my doctor's office asked me "Where did you get that great bag?" and then asked me to email her your info. (Which I did before sending this!)

Below is a picture of me and Big John, one of the trail horses I ride, and my lovely new bag. While I treasure the bag for its beauty, quality and serious bang-for-your-buck, the experience working with you was equally delightful. You turned the process of getting a custom bag into a collaborative creative adventure. I'd say "Could the bag have interior pockets?" You'd say "Sure! how big?" I'd say, "Could it be similar to a bag I already have?" You'd say, "Sure! Just send me pictures of your old bag with measurements." I am now forever spoiled by your "Sure!"

Thank you so very much for such a delightful bag.


Laura "

Hi!  I received my black Squirrel bag in the mail.  I LOVE it!  It's exactly what I've been looking for but couldn't find and the fabric pattern is beautiful.  Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with it and with your service.

A photograph of Karen, one of my regular customers, with part of her collection of my bags. Plus wonderful comments from her, about the new Raccoon bag, (seen on the left of this pic) she just acquired


Even though it's been a while, you still get me with such great designs and fabric. I use my other gems a lot and love them all. I never ever tire of the things you make.

thank you as always,

An action shot of a Kipster knitting project bag, sent by a happy customer


I've been too busy knitting to give you my feedback.
I LOVE this knitting bag!
My cat cannot "play" with my yarn and my WIP stays in one portable place.

Thanks so much!

custom made knitting bag

A wonderful photograph, sent by the customer, of her custom made Beatrix Potter Kipster Knitting Bag, and other related items from her collection. An avid fan of Peter Rabbit, she found this beautiful fabric and sent it to me, for a custom order

I am officially hooked on these bags. They are everything they are touted to be. The customer service is fabulous! I especially love my Morphin bag! Being able to change the flap on a whim is fantastic for those of us who are so wildly indecisive. Thank you, Karen! You rock - your bags rock... worth every penny! Jeannie 9/13/11

Say hello to Ceci, on her first day of school. She has a Morphin Lynx Deluxe with a glow in the dark skulls flap. Isn't she adorable?

My Ghastlies bag just came today, and there are not enough words or time to explain the feeling of complete awe that I felt when I opened the package. It's beautiful, it's perfect, the craftsmanship is flawless. I can't wait to use this bag everywhere I go. I'm not an oversized handbag type of person so finding a bag that suited me and would meet my needs to carry stuff for myself and for my son was rather hard. But you've nailed it spot on! This definitely will not be my last Zoe's bag for sure. You are truely amazing and I can't wait to purchase another one of your bags. Marie Ann 9/6/11

Custom Morphin Falcon Messenger Bag
custom made messenger bag

The bag is even more beautiful in person and *so* well made. The pockets are wonderful! I can actually find things in my purse now. The entire transaction was a breeze, too! Super fast communication. Would definitely purchase from again and recommend seller to friends and family. AF 8/12/11

Custom Morphin Zelda Messenger Bag and nice comments from its owner!

Great selection of fabrics for the flaps don't you think?
I received some nice words from the customer.

Dear Karen,

I received my bag and flaps yesterday at work. I am so pleased with my bag. I switched all my stuff into it today and love it! I started with the Monster flap - it's so fun!  The quality of workmanship is great and the materials seem like they will last for quite awhile.
Thank you again for your fast and superb service!



I have enjoyed 'working' with you! You have had the best communication I can honestly say, that I've had from anybody that I have made an on-line purchase from! OH! And fun to boot!
Sincere Thanks!
Gwen 5/31/11

  sock knitting project bag

Customer comments after buying this Kipster knitting project bag:
"best bag ever!!!! love this - your design is brilliant, your attention to detail is superlative, and I am one happy camper!!"

Ghastlies purse

Customer comments on a custom order Ghastly Tallullah purse with shorter handles

"sheer perfection! thank you so much for doing this for me, and so fast! I absolutely love it!!!!! =)" 6/18/11



Just received my pink sock monkey knitting bag and I LOVE IT. The construction is fabulous and very well thought out.  Thank you so much.

all the best,
Leslie Jan 25/11


wallet on a string on a dream cruise!

A picture sent by one of my regular customers.....
 cruising the Panama Canal.....from Acapulco to Fort Lauderdale via Mexico, Nicaragua, and Jamaica.....

Happy Customer with her custom made Peace Sign Hipster Bag

 This customer wanted an Otter made with Peace Dots. She sent this wonderful photograph, (note the great background), plus these comments:

"Here is a pic of my cutest ever new purse!! 
Thanks!  I sooooo love it!"

Received my custom camera bag today and I can't even put into words how pleased I am with it. Karen your workmanship is outstanding, totally flawless in every way! You know I purchased this bag for my daughter and she was absolutely thrilled with it. The fabric is perfect and the quality of your work is amazing. Your customer service is A+++, so I will definitely be singing your praises. Thanks again for everything. ♥♥♥ Elfie 4/11

Many thanks to Kim for sending these great pictures. She ordered a wallet on a string, a faux leather case for her laptop and 2 Bebe evening bags. I am so pleased she sent the photograph of the inside of the wallet on a string. I think it really helps to see the sizing of this product.







Hi Karen:
I got my bags! I have already transferred everything over to my new purple leopard Morning Glory bag. It's perfect!!!

You were soo right about the mink and patchwork faux furs. Patchwork is like petting a rabbit's fur. And the mink, that's like touching nothing at all and it's soo shiny! Absolutely gorgeous! I am so thrilled to be the owner of these bags.

The ones I am not currently using at the moment are safely tucked away in their own cloth-lined drawer to make sure they do not get messed up. Definitely not throw-in-closet bags.

Thank you. You are such a blessing to work with, a pleasure to talk with, and a true talent.

Peggy 3/14/11

I have located the "Goddess of Specialty Bags and Cases". I currently have 1 item made by Zoe's in my home. A custom laptop case for my MAC. I've recently commissioned Zoe's to make me a custom bag to use for a "bookbag" and to make a gift for a dear friend. I honestly have reached the point where I don't "price shop". Because the work is priceless, not to mention if you are concerned with that (at 1st you will be) then her prices are way better than the assembly line stuff. I promise you will love her items! She? Is the Goddess! Be brave step into the world of AWESOME bags! Denise 2/11

Love all that you do!! I love your range of fabrics and bags and how you do custom orders that allow the customer to get their exact "dream bag"!!! I have bought quite a few items from you already and plan to keep adding flaps to "my collection"! I will continue to purchase items from your shop as gifts--they make excellent gifts as the fabrics are so unique!!! You make very high quality bags that keep their shape even when the bags aren't full (or over full) and are very easy to clean with a warm rag if dragged up against something. I love everything I've gotten so far so much!! I have received many compliments from family members as well as people in my school classes about my bags. I also enjoy talking Asian fabric with a fellow addict and love looking at the new prints you order!!! Thanks again for the wonderful items!!!  Jerilin 2/11

Karen, .... your site sure is addicting. It's the fabrics, yes, but also the overall presentation, and the sense of love, dedication, and craftsmanship that you put into your designs too!  AND, all the design options available! Pat 1/28/11


Love, love, love your items! Found your bags almost a year ago, and I haven't used any other bags since. Love everything I have gotten so far, and will most definitely get more. They are durable, functional, and fashionable. Have received compliments on everything I have ordered. Thank you so much for such wonderful items! Toni, Jan/11


Just received my pink sock monkey knitting bag and I LOVE IT. The construction is fabulous and very well thought out.  Thank you so much.

all the best,
Leslie Jan 25/11

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