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Hi Karen
I got my bag yesterday.... I love it! I have to say that I have never had such amazing customer service! The bag exceeded my expectations! I will be back and spreading they word about your amazing products!

Dotty, a return customer, sent me this incredible fabric to make a Kipster, my drawstring knitting bag. She thought there might be enough fabric left to make a Pippa portfolio as well. She was right and the result was one of my favorite sets ever!

She kindly let me know her thoughts on the set.......

"Hi Karen!
Ahhh! Once again you have done it. You have created the perfect bag, and in this case, bags, for me! The Kipster is lovely in so many ways. I love how you used the fabric I sent; you preserved every wingtip on the cranes and placed every design on this small bag perfectly. I greatly appreciate the finesse it took and thank you for taking my ideas and making them come true. I immediately transferred my knitting project, needles, scissors, tape measure, small journal and pencil into the bag--and there's space for more! It also fits into my Falcon--an added bonus while traveling. In fact, I will be sitting in an airport next week. How fashionable I will feel pulling my beautiful Kipster out of my beautiful Falcon. Yippee!!

And, I love how you used the left-over fabric to make the Pippa Portfolio. I often carry a folder full of papers around to meetings and was worried that all the papers would fall out. Now they will be encased and protected in this stunning bag. Oh, Karen, you made my birthday extra special and I feel rich simply looking at these sumptuous bags.

As always, such a treat to work with you!! Thank you so much.
Dotty" Feb/10

This is a custom ordered ABC camera bag I made earlier this year. Tricia asked me to size down the standard model a little. Here's what she said after receiving it.

"Hi Karen-
I received my camera bag yesterday. It is beautiful. Your workmanship is flawless. Thanks for sizing it down....there is still room for whatever else I may need to carry. It should be perfect for the camera, ID and a little cash whenever I am out and about.

I will not hesitate to come back to you when looking for any other bags!
Thanks again-
Tricia" 1/22/10


This is a custom order I did back in February. Such a great assortment of styles in just three flaps. Plus I received these kind words from Hannah...
"Hi Karen
I got my bag yesterday.... I love it! I have to say that I have never had such amazing customer service! The bag exceeded my expectations! I will be back and spreading the word about your amazing products!
Hannah" 2/3/10

Another Hawk Jr Mini Messenger Bag custom order with dragons and flames

A return customer liked the size of the Hawk Jr for carrying a netbook already in a neoprene case.
He selected this great dragon print and added an exterior zip pocket on the back of the bag.

His comments after receiving the bag?

The most wonderful bag I've had the chance to see came in today. I thought it would be impossible to better your last work of art, but I was wrong. You keep raising the bar. Got everything loaded up and it works perfectly. The Netbook in the Neoprene case, slides in like a custom fitting. I'm going to wear everyone out showing it off. Car Club Meeting/Breakfast tomorrow, Church on Sunday and Work on Monday. Thank you so very much for making this for me. Hope your team wins on Sunday, Jim"


Here is Kate with her Morphin Zelda Deluxe and Becky with her Morphin Zeldina!

Hi Karen,
             Just received the bag, what can I say GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS., and of course I love it!!!  Looking forward to using it on my trip, need to get away from the cold and be outside.  Thanks again, looking forward to more of your bags.

                                                            Linda 2/21/10

Hsiao-Min contacted me with a request. She wanted a Frida Kahlo messenger bag. I didn't have enough fabric so we ordered a nice big piece to give us plenty to work with.
The Frida motif is quite large but we situated her low enough on the flap so she would still be visible when the bag was full.

We put a different scene, with her, on the back panel.

On the side pockets I gave Hsiao-Min some options, and she picked the two she liked the best.

She wanted to be able to remove the strap in order to wash the bag, and, she added a removable shoulder protector as well. I have been wanting to add this shoulder protector to the options in the shop so this gave me an opportunity to make one and get a couple of photographs. I will add it as soon as I can!

She saw the Little Red Riding Hood print in my shop and asked to have a custom sized Raven made as well. She especially liked the Granny in bed scene (who doesn't, it's amazing!) so I made sure that was on one side, with Little Red and the Wolf on the other.

She stopped by my Facebook fanpage and left this message:

"Hey! I finally got my bags today! They are just beautiful! I was thinking the bag may be too big ( when I saw your pictures on the website.) When I got it, it is just beautiful and it's in perfect size for petite me : ) And the fabric is awesome comfortable! The little zip bag just so cute! I also got the rest of fabric! You are very kind. I can save them for my next Zoe order!

Thank you again!
Hsiao-Min "

Finally, she stopped by Facebook again, and posted this photograph !

With this report!

"Here is the pic! I just got back from all day work with your bag! Everyone loves it! I love it, too: ) Thank you Karen!"



Hi Zoe,

The Unhappy Hour Bag came today and I really like it.
It is very well finished- with unbelievable lots of zippers. You are
really the zipper-queen of USA.
I hope you have good success in the future , as you deserve it....
I shall keep a eye on your products and my wish for a new bag style
would be a funky backpack one day.
Thanks and up to soon...


"Karen!!! I got my package today!! Yahhhooooo! The Zelda is much larger than I imagined. I can take the kitchen sink with me now! the red/gold flower flap is absolutely incredible! I'm in love! The other bag (sale item) is a gift for one of Madi's friends. She's gonna love it! Once again, you rocked the Aden house!"

Follow up

" I carried the Zelda today!!! I had orginally thought I goofed and bought a bag that was too large, but since you are able to take in the sides, it doesn't look like one of those mommy bags. It's nice, has all of those great compartments (even PENS!!! YAY!). Even has a side pocket for my little calendar. Now I don't have to dig through my bag  and  take half the stuff out to find what I'm looking for. and the water bottle holder is great! I carry water with me everywhere! The texture of the flap is quite incredible. I love texture! I actually want to keep the Tallullah for myself! It's so very chic! Thanks again my purse hero!"
Abby A 2/9/10

Abby and her Morphin Zelda in the San Marco Piazza (St. Mark's Square) Venice, during Carnevale

I was contacted by a customer looking for an unusual messenger bag. She loved this Azucar, Day of the Dead print immediately. She selected a Panther Deluxe, but after she saw the possible additional options, she added a few extra features.
A full panel zippered pocket on the back, a padded shoulder strap,a carry handle, and, inside a zippered divider pocket.
It turned out to be a stunning bag as you can see.

What did she think?
"I lovvvvveee my bag! I've already gotten so many compliments on it! I'm gonna print off some of your cards because everyone wants to know where to get theirs. My mom loves her sweet pea wallet by the way! You did an absolutely awesome job! They are both very well made products and I look forward to doing business with you in the future! Thank youuuuuuu! CaraS" 1/29/10

Dotty sent me her own fabric, and ordered Breazy iPhone purses, with the Strappy, a removable wristlet strap, for her daughters.

An e-mail from her :
"Dear Karen,
I wanted to write and tell you how much my college-age daughters LOVE their Breazy purses! On Christmas they immediately emptied their old purses and filled their new ones. "Everything fits perfectly!" they said, especially their phones (not iPhones but similar size). So thank you--again--for creating such wonderful bags (that makes 4 I have ordered now!) and for being so willing to work with me to make each one in just the fabric I want. Hurray!! You are the best!
warmly, Dotty

Tiina and her Morphin Lynx Deluxe in Toronto

What she said about her bag
Hi Karen!
I hope you had a great Christmas. I just wanted to tell you that I FINALLY got to open my present on Christmas Day, and my new bag is AWESOME!  The fabric on both flaps is even more gorgeous than I imagined, and I swear that bag can hold everything!  I went to my sister in law's yesterday and stuffed in my wallet, makeup bag, cell phone (in the handy side pouch), keys (attached to the MIRACULOUS key ring... I shall never lose my keys in the bottom of a bag again!), Pull-up training pants for my son, a very large sweater, a camera, snacks for the kids, and I still could have fit more!  Amazing.  And the padded shoulder strap really protects my shoulder from even feeling the weight of all that stuff - so comfy.  All those zipper pouches are great too, for my lipsticks and train pass, and anything else I need to put my hands on fast.
THANK YOU for making such a great bag for me.  I am looking forward to showing it off when I return to work after the holidays! (and I promise to send a photo of me & my bag soon!)
Take care, and all the best for 2010.

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