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Kudos Page 4



Thanks to a wonderful new customer, for taking shots of her brand new bag while on a trip to Maryland.
Taken at the Gettysburg Battlefield, just at sunset, and in the gift center with some Civil War canteens.


This customer was looking for the "perfect travel bag". She had in mind the Zeldina Mini Messenger Bag, but with a zipper. I told her I couldn't put a zipper in that style, but, since the small Honeysuckle Tote was about the same size maybe I could put a flap on it. We added to the depth slightly so I could put side pockets a la the Falcon.
She also added a back zippered pocket and, instead of the Zoe Pocket Set inside, we did three open slip pockets. Oh one more thing, she had me put a strip of the flower print along the top of the back pocket too.
It turned out really cute.
What did she say?

"Hey Karen~

I just wanted to let you know that the bag arrived last Thursday and I have been using it ever since. I love it! It is indeed the "perfect" bag for my trip!

I tested all the seams and the pockets and zippers and so on... and I must say the quality is impeccable. My friends/family usually hate shopping with me because no matter what the item, I always spend alot of time picking the "perfect" one of something... no matter what that item is. I can truly see that you take pride in your work and I wanted you to know (from someone that is truly picky about stuff) that it shows. =)

Thanks again for taking the time to incorporate everything from my "wish list" and making my bag just right. I will definitely recommend your site to anyone looking for a bag with a more personal touch.

Have a great day!

=) Lindy"


"Hi Karen,
Just got to my mailbox and saw your package. Again, the bags are more beautiful and stunning in person!! You realize how much I love those sweet peas! Nicole loves her new Bebe and is always looking forward to your new fabrics. You put so much care and thought into your bags, I truly love shopping on your site, it is a lot of fun. I will talk to you soon, and thanks again!!
Linda & Nicole July 22/09"

I worked with this customer to create the exact parts and pieces she wanted for her bag.
We started with a Morphin Falcon. However, on one side pocket we put a zipper closure, the other we did as an open top, mesh pocket.

What did she say?

"I got the bag on Saturday. It is perfect!! It fits my EEEpc in the back slot perfectly somehow, as does the mesh fit my other gadget. Amazing!!! I gave you a shoutout in my blog (http://bakayal.livejournal.com), not many people read it, but I bought a bag before from somewhere else and they apparently bought a bag based on my review so there ya go ;) I'm loving the flaps. I put some of my button pins all over the strap and it's really cool now!! "
Stacia 4/19/09

An order for a Morphin Panther Deluxe, with exquisite fabric selection, going all the way to Israel

And I have to say - this bag is always in the center of attention, with both flaps!
Thank you again, Karen, from very happy (and I believe - regular) customer from Israel  :))
Guy March 16/09

This case was the reason I finally got my Grab and Go laptop cases finished, named and shoulder strapable!
The fabric is incredible.! The customer's husband contacted me on her birthday and told me he wanted to surprise her with a case for her new laptop. What fun! I sent her a notice informing her of the gift and she jumped into gear, finding this print and having it delivered to me.

What did she think after she received it?

"I just keep looking at it and hugging it (it's soft and squishy!). I love how the pattern fills the space with no repetition. And the shoulder strap worked out perfectly; very nicely balanced and comfortable to carry. My MacBook can go everywhere in safety and comfort and beauty!!
I have to be calm for awhile -- but your bags are so wonderful, it makes me want more :-)
Thank you - and thank you for sending the left over fabric. I am plotting what I want to do with it! (I like the little yellow bird that didn't fit on the bag.)
I will look forward to seeing it on your site, but am mostly happy to see it right here next to me!
Dotty" March 7/09

Here's a great order, with many of the fabrics coming from the first Fabric Frenzy Shopping Spree. We began with three flaps and the wallet on a string. Two more flaps were added, creating an amazing assortment . The customer sent the comments below


The bags arrived yesterday afternoon and they are wonderful! I am just as pleased with the quality as I am with your superior customer service throughout the ordering process. This Morphin line was a brilliant idea... I will be ordering more flaps before the month is over. I am not sure that I will be able to choose just one flap per day, which means that I will need to carry my stack of alternate flaps around in my car at all times. Hmmm... I may need another bag for that!
The wallet-on-a-string is perfect as well. Up close, those little mice on the fabric are adorable, from a distance the bag can appear quite formal, what a delightful surprise that I hadn't anticipated! It will surely big a big hit at our local SPCA fund-raising gala at the end of this month (I'll be carrying those business cards in it.)

Thanks so much!

Amy , a VERY satisfied customer. march 6th 09


I also hate moving stuff from one bag to another, and I am truly a bag lady - I have tons! The way I combat that is to have 2 smaller bags, like a scooter and a raven, that I use to keep all the little things I need in my purse. When I get the urge to change bags, I pull out the "insides" (scooter, raven, wallet, and calendar) and move it to another bag. Voila!
Plus the bonus with this plan is that you never have to hunt for your chapstick (or anything else) in the bottom of your purse!
Kerri  3/7/09

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