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Mahjongg set with Tote-sters and large Zinis
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What payment methods do you offer? TOP

PayPal, Mastercard and Visa

What are your shipping charges? TOP

I find the shipping options of the shopping cart somewhat limiting. I can only have four options. (Remember, I like options, 100's and 100's of fabrics etc!)
I suggest going with first class for the least expensive items, and priority when you hit the $35 range. Please feel free to contact me and ask for a true shipping rate. I'm happy to do that, and bill you direct, especially international orders.

US First Class

up to  $18.00                $2.75
$18.01 to 45.00            $3.60
$45.01 to $55.00          $7.10
$55.01 to $60.00          $19.60
$60.01 and above         $19.60

US Priority

up to  $50.00                $6.95
$50.01 to 80.00            $10.00 
$80.01 to $100.00        $11.50
$100.01 to $140.00      $13.50
$140.01 and above       $15.50


up to  $40.00                $8.50
$40.01 to 140.00          $15.50
$141 and above            $18.00

Everywhere else

up to  $35.00               $13.50
$35.01 to 110.00          $22.25
$110.01 to $210.00      $25.25
over $210                    $30.00

International customers are welcome to check with me for shipping costs
Please be aware that you may incur customs charges. I have no information on what that might be. Sorry I can't mark your package as a gift.

What's your return policy? TOP

I want you to love your purchase. If you don't, you have 30 days to  return it, unused, for a refund. Money refunded via PayPal, or your credit card.
Please contact me to discuss the details of the return

 Sorry no refunds on custom orders or shipping costs.

Custom ordered bags meet the specific requirements requested by the customer. Therefore all sales are final, no returns or exchanges can be accepted

Do you protect my privacy? TOP

You bet I do! No one but me sees your personal information, and no one will. I will not sell your personal information to anyone!

How soon do you ship my order? TOP


Customer service is the life blood of Zoe Designs.
You just bought a gorgeous bag, you want to go out and show it off to your friends and family. I know you don't want to wait, don't worry,
I will endeavor to ship your order, excluding custom work of course,  in 2-4 business days. Keep in mind that the majority of my bags are made after you place your order. It might say more than one in stock, that means I have enough fabric to make more than one. I never have more than one of any bag made, at any time.
Please allow extra time during the busy holiday season. I do everything myself and it gets pretty crazy as Christmas gets closer!

Do you ship Internationally? TOP

Yes, to most countries. You will be responsible for any customs charges you may incur. I have no information on individual countries customs policy. Sorry, I can't mark your package as a gift.

 PayPal will convert your currency into US dollars when you check out.  You can find the conversion rate by using an on-line converter such at the one found at: Xe

How does the shopping cart work? TOP

You can not increase or decrease the number of each item in the shopping cart. You can only delete, by un-checking the quantity box and hitting the recalculate button. To add a product you must go to the item page itself.

This is because most of my products are one of a kind, or available in limited quantities. The quantity available can be seen on the item page, at the bottom. 

The shopping cart is a people pleaser.  However it is not smart enough to know how many of each item is in stock, and it can't make itself say no to you.  If I allowed it to adjust quantities it would happily add more items and charge you for them, even if they do not exist! Then I would have to contact you with the bad news and refund your money, along with my apology.

Please note: The cart also has a sense of humor,  and has discovered that refreshing the page, will double the quantity in your cart. Don't fall for this, instead, use the recalculate button to make your changes!

How long will it take to get a custom order? TOP

If you want something simple, one of the zipper bags for instance, I can make that in a flash. A day or two. Same goes for the Morphin Messenger Bag flaps.
One of the larger bags, naturally, will take longer. It depends on how many bags are on order at any given time. It's best to ask. That's part of the personal attention you get when working with Zoe Designs

What size messenger bag should I get for an 8-11 year old? TOP

Most people are selecting from 2 sizes in which there are two styles.
The Zelda or Zelda Deluxe
The Lynx or Lynx Deluxe
On this page  are the measurements of the bags
On this page  see great pictures sent by some of my customers carrying the various sized bags
If you would like to get a Morphin version of these bags, which means the flaps are removable, see here

Can you make the bags in another size? TOP

Generally the zip bags can be made in any size, including the padded bags.  Sometimes the size of the motif on the fabric determines if this can be done. Please ask. Customers request custom sized bags often!

How do I find the fabric I want? TOP
If you don't find a product in the shop, visit the fabric photo album to see all the fabrics I have available

I love your products but you don't have the fabric I want, can you help me? TOP

I work with customers all the time to make their perfect bag! You can check the fabric selection to see many other options

Still don't see what you want?  Please contact me and we'll work together!

I want to view your fabric gallery but I can't access it. What's the deal? TOP

Is your browser set to allow only cookies approved by you?

Then set your browser to accept cookies for the site: http://photos.zoesbagboutiquestore.com/.

Can I send you my fabric? TOP

Many regular customers send their own fabrics now and then. I would recommend that you contact me first if you are a new customer. We can determine, together, if the fabric you have, or would like to purchase, will work for the style bag that has caught your eye!

How do I get added to your gallery? TOP

Email me a photograph of you and/or your bag. I encourage my customers to take pictures of themselves and their bag, in interesting locations. Some local tourist spot, a fabulous location when on vacation, or your own back yard. We just wanna see you and your bag!

I want to get in the gallery but I look awful in pictures. What can I do? TOP

I feel your pain!  I always look terrible in pictures and have only one picture of me on the internet, in the "about" section.
How about taking a picture of your bag? You don't have to be in the picture with it. We'd all love to see you as well, but don't worry, we understand.

How accurate are the colors and descriptions of your bags? TOP

I spend a lot of time trying to photograph each item, however I am not a professional photographer. The bags usually look much more colorful in person. 
Keep in mind too, that each computer monitor shows colors differently. I can do nothing to adjust that for you!

All patterns are made, by me, to the specifications in each description. Then, each bag is individually made by me.
Due to the individual nature of the construction there may occasionally be fractional fluctuations in sizing.
 In some cases the fabric pattern layout may not be exactly the same as the photograph.
If a stock photograph is used, it will be identified  as such

I have a great idea for a bag, will you name it after me? TOP

Sorry, although I have occasionally named bags for customers in the past I have discontinued that practice.

Why do some of the Morphin flaps not have buckles?? TOP

When I first began making Morphins I also made an assortment of flaps. The problem is, if those flaps don't sell they can't be used. Rather than have a stack of flaps and no fabric in certain prints I decided to show "mock ups" of the flaps. What you see is how the flap will look. If you buy a flap and in the photograph it has no buckles, don't worry, that just means your flap will be made for you.

This way if I have a small amount of the fabric you love (and don't forget most of my prints are only available in small quantities) it isn't tied up in a product you don't want, it's just sitting here patiently waiting till you come to claim it. Don't make it wait any longer please, it wants to be with you!!

Do you have gift certificates? TOP

 I am happy to work with you to create a gift certificate.

What is faux? TOP

Faux is the French word for false. Faux fur is fake fur, faux leather is pleather or fake leather. Faux tie dye is fabric printed to look like tie dyed fabric.

How should I clean your bags? TOP

Hand wash and line dry. You can use an iron on the cotton prints. Be careful to avoid touching the nylon webbing and cording with the iron, it could melt.

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